Downtown Bicycle Rental, Sales & Repair

Winter Hours: Open: 10 am - Close: 6 pm. •   Open Every Day

Summer Rental Bike Prices

8-Speed Hybrids (shifter on right hand)  Up to 3 hours $16.  Additional hours: $4, $3, $2, $1 . . . 24 hours - $32.
24-Speed Hybrids,  (shifters on both hands)
Up to 3 hours $18. Additional hours: $4, $3, $2, $1 . . .
24 hours - $32.

Click on Mountain bikes, tandems, and road bikes for their nuanced rates.

E-Bikes start at $30 for 3 hours.
24 hours - $60 (charger included).
Hover cursor on "RENTAL BIKES" then choose type of bike in drop down menu to see photos, specs, and rates on each of our more than 175 bikes.

$2 DISCOUNT Per bike and/or per Day:

After the $32 charge for the first bike's 24 hour rate, there is a $2 discount for each bike or day.  So, a second bike for the first 24-hour period would be $30. For the second 24-hour period the first bike would be $28 and the second bike $26. For some of our higher-priced bikes the daily/subsequent day discount is $5 per bike/day. (Itemized on their page under "Rental Bikes" in menu above.)


One bike for one week - $150. Second week - $125. Additional week(s) - $100. If renting two bikes for one week rate is $150 + $125. A third bike is $100.

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Rates include free lock, helmet, map, panniers, frame bags, repair kit. Repair kit contains pump, tube, tire irons, patches, master link, chain breaker, Allen wrenches or an all purpose tool.  Also free bear spray for multi-day renters and mountain bikers returning from Flattop on the hillside trails.


Clip-in pedals (spd) and shoes - $4.

Car bike rack - $5 day if you're renting a bike from us.  $10 per day for your own bikes.
We have two Saris Bones strap-on racks which hold up to 3 bikes.
We have four hitch-mount bike racks. One holds 5 bikes; two hold 4 bikes; one holds 2 bikes.

There is no sales tax in Anchorage.