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Turnagain Arm Trail and Girdwood

Overview This Self-Guided Bike Tour from Bird Creek to Girdwood is ideal for the independent traveler.  After renting your bike (Downtown Bicycle Rental is at 4th & C), go to Visitor Center at 4th & F at or about 11:15 am to catch the Turnagain Arm Shuttle. (TAS)  After securing bike(s) to back of their van (holds up to four bikes) depart at 11:30 a.m.  Scenic 50 minute drive down the first half of Turnagain Arm (that doesn't have a bike path) to Bird Creek where the "Bird to Gird" trail begins

Bike on paved/dedicated path along Turnagain Arm to the ski town of Girdwood.  In Girdwood there are numerous places to enjoy a meal.  There's also the option of riding Alyeska Ski Resort's high speed tram with an elevation gain of 2025 feet to take in stunning views.  Time your activities in Girdwood so that you're back at the intersection of the Seward Highway and Glacier Highway by 5:45 p.m. where TAS will pick you and your bike(s) up and bring you back to town  Alternatively, bike back to Beluga Point (another four mile ride) where the rest of non-biking passengers take a 15 minute break to stroll and take photos.

The Bird to Gird trail is 12 miles long, so depending on where you want to be picked up for the return to Anchorage, the total riding distance will be be between 20 and 24 miles. If biking this distance is too strenuous, there's more than enough charge in the battery of an ebike to help you tackle it effortlessly.

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Portage Valley and Trail of Blue Ice