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Burley Kazoo Tag-Along

Stock Sizes Specifications
1 12"
Frame: Handcrafted TIG welded ChroMoly frame with over-axle pivot that screws and latches onto “Moose Rack.” Superior handling and stability. 20x1.75 tire. 19 lbs. Single speed.  For kids from about age 3 to about ten.  Allows kids to pedal and contribute when they want to or just sit there and go along for the ride.  Often a better option then renting a kids bike because it doesn't slow down the rest of the family and allows everybody to bike the entire Coastal Trail.  Also frequently a better option than putting child in a trailer because exercise burns off energy facilitating sleep in the evening during long Alaskan summer days. 

Burley Piccolo Tag-Along

Alaska Bike Rentals Anchorage Stock Sizes Specifications
2 12"
Same as Kazoo only with a six-speed grip shift and cassette.  This is what the tag-along looks like hooked up to an adult bike with a moose rack.

Burley Solo & Encore

Alaska Bike Rentals Anchorage Stock Seats Specifications
1 1 Tinted windows, 5-point safety harness, rear cargo area.
Solo: 16 lbs, 60 lb carrying capacity.  Holds one child.

Encore: 20 lbs, 100 lb carrying capacity. Holds two children.
1 2

Alaska Bike Rentals Anchorage

BOB IBEX: 1st day: $20, each extra day: $10.

Alaska Bike Rentals Anchorage

BOB YAK: 1st day: $15, each extra day $7.50.