Downtown Bicycle RENTAL, Sales and Repair

November/Winter Hours: Open: 10 am - Close: 6 pm. Open Every Day

Downtown Bicycle Rental

 333 W. 4th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501

   Hours: 9:30 am - 7:30 pm.

Open Every Day

Main store with sidewalk access.  One of three rooms filled with more than 150 bikes of all types.  FAQ 1 - 3 explains why summer reservations are not needed for short term rentals and cost saving options for long-term renters.

4th Avenue between C&DDowntown Bicycle Rental, Sales and Repair Sticker
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Our location.  Photo from atop Easy Park garage where first hour is free, $1.25 an hour thereafter. FAQ 8 explains other parking options including where to park for free.
Only 5 blocks from start of Coastal Trail.


8-Speed Hybrids (shifter on right hand): First 3 hours - $20.  Additional hours: $4, $3, $2, $1 . . . 24 hours - $34.
24-Speed Hybrids,  (shifters on both hands)
First 3 hours - $23. Additional hours: $4, $3, $2, $1 . . .
24 hours - $36.  

If you know how to shift gears with both hands it's the best extra $2 you ever spent.  If you don't, it's the worst extra $2 ever spent.

Electric Bikes  - $45 for 3 hours.  
Additional hours: $4, $3, $2, $1 . . .
24 hours - $65.

Rent for 3 hours and if you ride longer pay the descending hourly rate ($4, $, 3, $2, $1 . . . ) when you return.  No need to commit.




$2 off each extra day.  For example, $36, $34, $32, $30  . . .  week - $175.

Multi-day/Weekly renters can swap out one type of bike for another.  See FAQ 9.

Multi day and weekly bikers have options other than renting.  FAQ 3 explains the variables and options that can save you money.

There is no sales tax in Anchorage.


Free lock, helmet, map, panniers, frame bags, repair kit.
Also free bear spray for multi-day renters and mountain bikers using hillside trails.

Car Bike Rack - $5 day if you're renting a bike from us.  $10 per day for your own bikes.
We have both hitch and strap on bike racks for rent.

Clip-in Pedals (spd) and shoes $4 first day, free thereafter.  See FAQ 9.


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Second of three rooms filled with all kinds of bikes including road & electric bikes.

Showroom inside

First of three rooms filled with bikes including fat and plus bikes.


Third of three rooms including tandems, kids bikes, tag-alongs and trailers.

Bike trail in Anchorage

Inbound Coastal Trail rider near Earthquake Park.

Plane take off

Anchorage has the world's 4th busiest cargo airport.  Coastal Trail mile marker 5.5 is at the end of the north-south runway.

We will have many bikes for you to choose from when you get here. Selecting a bike is a collaboration. We ask questions to narrow the choices then suggest a bike which you test. Sometimes people test two or three.

After you decide which bike to rent, verify it shifts and brakes properly and that it is safe.

Next we provide a map and direction sheet and explain where to go (usually coastal trail), how to get there and what to expect.

No guide is needed to bike the coastal trail.  Keep the ocean on your right on the way out, and on your left on the way back.

Some people decide to bike back on the Alternate Return Route. If you choose it, dovetail the detailed direction sheet with a highlighted map.

Testimonial from our guest book

If you want to meetup and ride with other bicyclists in Anchorage, click here for a list of local bike clubs, rides and meetup opportunities

Evening is a great time to ride

Outbound Coastal Trail rider.

Moose are frequently encountered

Moose are frequently encountered between mile marker 6 and 11.



September 11 -October 30

Currently 9:30 am to 7:30 pm

Check here for updates as days get shorter.  We're losing 5.5 minutes each day in daylight.


November - April

11 am - 6 pm however arrangements can be made to rent earlier and return later and check here for updates in February as days get longer.
Click here for Fat Bike page.


Early April to  Early May
9 a.m to 9 p.m.


Early May - September 10.

Open 8 a.m. Close 10 p.m.


Returning from mountain biking in Kincaid Park
High Speed Guy after returning from
mountain biking in Kincaid Park.

The Flattop Mountain Shuttle is for Anchorage visitors without rental cars who want to hike Alaska's most frequently climbed mountain.  In a nutshell this is a 30 mile "low key" circuit tour of the Anchorage bowl in our van and an unguided mountain hike above it.  12:10 to 4:30 daily excursion. $25.00 per person.  No deposit required.  Cancel anytime. 


Flattop Mountain

BIKEHIKE  SPLIT -Save $2 on whichever activity you do second.

Downtown Bicycle Rental is also home to:
Anchorage, Alaska Flattop Shuttle

$25 round-trip shuttle between downtown and Flattop Mountain.  Includes $2 State Park tax.

Click here for map of descent

BIKE/HIKE  COMBO - $17 one way + rental bike cost.